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Oldham Cats Quiz - Shops and Stores

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sadielady | 21:54 Wed 01st Dec 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
13 Answers
Any help with these last two would be very much appreciated. Looking for Shops or Stores

Q20 Lime trees & jade forests are (10)

Q29 Not of the jungle (6)

Many thanks


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29 Amazon?
20 Greenwoods ?
20) Greenwoods ?
Question Author
Thank you quinie,UncleMeleager and TheWinner

Amazon I realy should have known, Greenwoods I have never heard of
20) Greenwoods

Can you help with 2) What 2 names link slippers and caterpillars (7,7)

Question Author
owllady I have Dorothy Perkins for Q2. Dorothy from the red slippers in Wizard of Oz and Perkins took over Caterpillar the big trucks. Dont know if its right but all I could come up with, what do you think
Sounds good to me barb7771
I've got George for 29. (Film)

I'm struggling with 23 - Did Ike and Tina shop in here? (4)
35. Amusement or pastime (4)

Loads of snow where I live - Lincolnshire - Brrrrrr
Question Author
hellywelly i have Q23 Nike and Q 35 Game.
Question Author
Not saying these answers are right, just the ones I have.
Hello Barb 7771 Can't see how you get Nike, but thanks anyway.
hellywelly I have Ikea for 23

I am also in Lincolnshire so know what you mean about the snow!!
23 Is the Swedish furniture store, hidden in the question

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Oldham Cats Quiz - Shops and Stores

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