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More quiz questions just for fun, folks

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yogi-bear | 17:38 Thu 04th Nov 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
40 Answers
"Read all about it" round.

From the news these past couple of weeks or so......Good luck

1. Which England international went out of 'Strictly' on Saturday?

2. What is the name of the ex Iraqi foreign minister, who has just been sentenced to hang?

3. Which former European champions got thumped 10-0 last week?

4. Take That have just announced their big tour concerts for next year....but in which city or town does the tour start in?.

5. A stag was shot dead in which British county recently?

6. What was the name given to the stag?

7. Which TV chef has had to call in Dragon Den's Peter Jones to help him out of a potential business disaster?

8. Which country had boycotted the proposed making of the film The Hobbit....and now wish it to take place in it's country?

9. A patient recently lost what when he went into hospital to have a cyst removed at Bury Hospital?

10. Which British actor and comedian, who sadly died recently, starred in the films Press For Time and The Early Bird?

11. The TV licence fee has been frozen until which year?

12. Tom Bosley recently died in the U.S....but in which U.S TV show did he regularly feature as one of the main characters dad.?

Best of googling please.......and i will check on your answers later and mark up to see who's won.

All the best



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Question Author
No football champions btw
Do you mean Peter Shilton in No1 That was a few Sat. ago now though.
10] Norman Wisdom
Sorry didn't read it all.
12] Happy Days
3. Feyenoord
5. Devon - I think
5. Somerset?
6. Exmoor Emperor
7. Gordon Ramsay
8. New Zealand
9. Tiger
11. 2014?
12) Happy Days - HEEEY Mr C
2) Tariq Ali

I hate answering questions then finding someone else already has sorry,
Question Author
Just looking in....well done all of you.........2014 is not correct, Jim

9.The patient lost a tiger, Jim?'s not answer though :0)
5) Was it on Dartmoor - Devon
Question Author
Very close on No 2, Dave
Doh - I was getting confused with the tiger that had a cyst removed. I really must read things properly.

No. 9 I think he lost a testicle if it's the one I remember but then I'm not doing too well at this at the moment. It's Jools BTW Yogi.
Cornwall :-D
TV 6 years 2016?

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