answers will be products or brand names, etc

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bundleone | 22:37 Sun 22nd Aug 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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place for creating super fast food. 7-6 -7

poker in the fire.- 8

cook on the move.-8

help appreciated.

this is a local competition for the lions club, have got 64 so far from 100.


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Its local to you but lots of people download the Lions quizzes
It doesnt close till December 31st and am confused as to why if you still need 36 you are asking for just 3 - please try not to ask the other 33 yet
Haven't started mine yet but with 4 months to go you are asking a bit early!
Where do you get it from?
Here leprof:
Sorry link didn't work but it's on this website with lots of others:-
I quite agree - December is a long way off.

You are even "Out-Smurfing" the Smurf
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Thanks all, I thought I would get a little help although I do like to work them out for myself, I havent done one like this before
I am sure you will eventually but saying you still need 36 was worrying as well as the fact that you have such a long time left
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Everywhere I go I keep looking for adverts and shop names and watch all the TV ads as well, I will get there eventually. ,
Many thanks, Jan1957 - will give it a go!

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answers will be products or brand names, etc

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