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A roof over your head & Parts of the body

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granny grump | 22:33 Thu 27th Aug 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
24 Answers
Please can you help me finish these 2 quizzes?

Roof over your head
1 Value of conversation (10)
18 Entire Cambridge River dwelling (7 4)
22 Transport favourite (6)
31 Aristocratic lady's personal servant? (9)
35 Tax, see tin! (7)
53 Tiny salutation (9)
57 Where the Perons lived (4 6)
72 Austral cutlery (9)
83 Almost a sports car (5)
95 Red haired Anne's adoptive home (5 6)
99 Automatic housewarming (7 7)
100 It's the end (8)

Parts of the body

16 Could be painful on your back
17 A bit of a cad
24 Next to aitch (eye I have already got eyes foer Needles have them)
26 Found in a shell

I apologise for the amount of questiions - I have had Jacob John my youngest grandson for the week and he is very high maintenance and I am falling behind


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1 chit ???? + a word for value
18 sounds like whole + the river mentioned + where toad lived
22 vehicle ??? + could be your cat or dog
35 value added ? + aword for a tin
Well, personally, I cant take anymore of the roof quiz, so I'll leave it you Mamya xxx
35 sorry was distracted there

three letter abb for a tax + a word for a tin
95 green gables ?
53 technical term for tiny ????? + they lap up on the shore
72 Home of the Ewings
83 where you dump brollies and boots
Phew! I'm glad I got that one right
99 right in the middle and keeps all rooms warm
There is a song from Evita, called Oh What a Circus...I've put a link below...just have a read though it and it will give you the answer to 57 6
100 ♪ and now the end is near and so i face the final ......♪
what a jolly thread....
Question Author
mamylaynne your clues are brilliant thank you - I've got them all except 83 but I'm working on it
100...what you hang at your windows, well I dont, as I cant stand them.

Hi Granny grump, I know that grandchild feeling, it leaves you drained
Think of a very,very well know sports car and remove a letter to give you something on the front of your house!
Question Author
And music too - thank you again mamyalynne & maizie
Question Author
Got it - thank you both again - yes it is harder than working - he's the youngest at 11 and I've another 10 between 25 & 11 and 5 great grand children but I believe that he is the hardest work but absolutely brilliant - I have had to explain the answer bank to him tonight
Awww, Granny you have got your work cut out for you.. Never mind, they are back at school next week. Good Luck with quizzes xxxx Night
me too granny


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A roof over your head & Parts of the body

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