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Local Paper Crossword

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Pea Pod | 23:20 Sat 30th May 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
6 Answers
Insect on the cheese for a short time 7 letters...???E???


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Brie fly.
May I ask? why put Local paper ? I know what Local
means but on a forum like this !! I cannot understand
that, would it not be better to put the name of the paper?
after all it could be my local paper too? which means
I could look at the crossword and see if I could help?

Just wondering !!!
Question Author
The Northern Echo. I don`t ask many questions on here, and as others usually put Local Quiz or Paper I followed suit.
Will just say in defence of Pea Pod- many people just put local as they do not wish any other poster to know their locaton which is pretty sensible anyhow. As long as the clue is the full clue & no. of letters cannot see any problem.
Good luck Pea Pod
Thank you Pea Pod, for getting back to me, it was
just the word LOCAL by the way I was not critising
and as Simon-Bloom rightly says posters do not
want their location revealed, but since we do not use
our names here and its simple a crosswords etc
whats the harm in stating the name of the paper/mag.

Good luck, hope you have a win soon.
poortony:-) Good night + good luck for all your puzzles, too.

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Local Paper Crossword

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