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'K' Fishy riddle

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Merlin | 13:05 Mon 25th Oct 2004 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anyone name a fish that starts with 'K', a fish that ends with 'K' and a fish that starts and ends with 'K'?

(And I don't mean Kevin, DereK and.....whatever!)




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haddock or shark ...... mmmm stuck on the others

This is an old one - the answer is


Thats not a fish you will say and clever clogs will reply

'Yes it is, its a PLA(I)CE in Scotland

KOI     carp
Question Author

Yes it's kilmarnock. I know it's old but it gets a new audience now nd then:

Kipper, Haddock, Kilmarnock. That's not a fish. Yes it is - well, it's a place in Scotland.

Killer sharK

Kwik save frozen haddocK

Koi, Killy, Kokopu, Kabeljou, Karmouth, Kelpfish, Kingfish, Kupfish

Junk, Cusk, Bleak, Shark, Snoek, Snook, Geelbek, Haddock, Pollack, Blueback, Geelbeck, Halfbeak


Question Author
Ooooooooeerrrrrrrr that last one sounds more like a bodily particle of an Ozzie bird!!
Kippers - back to bacK

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'K' Fishy riddle

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