Herculis Link words - confused, please help :-)

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Beatrice35 | 16:25 Mon 19th Jan 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Now understand Missing + Link ( Missing Link), Friend + ship ( Friendship) Yet how do these link together:- Thrust, Plane, State, Float ? Guess it is Plane Thrust. Yet what does State Float mean?

Many thanks, Bea :-)


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Missing Link
Thrust Stage
Float Plane

This seems to have caused quite a bit of confusion today!
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Bless you- thanks so much- now it is all completed + can post it off- you are a big star!! Had state wrong- makes sense now it is stage, lol!! Still never heard of Thrust State ? Are Float Planes the ones that can land on the water? Bless you anyhow, gumboil :-) Hugs, Bea :-)
Good afternoon, Auntie Bea

We have become so accustomed to the Proscenium Stage, even though most of us don't know it's real name. There are others, and Thrust Stage is one of them:

Yes a Floatplane is what most of us think of as a seaplane.

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Herculis Link words - confused, please help :-)

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