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Local christmas quiz

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crossword | 20:09 Sat 10th Jan 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
8 Answers
please can anyone come up with the answers to these cryptic clues?

<odeg C Roman camp near Stroud Glos?
9 letters

wintry fractal - icy crystal bend?
9 and 5 letters
Herod could be this kind of swimmer
8 letters
Frost and dog make a herb
9 letters
we'll go & GO when 'we've had some
5 and 7 letters

any idea's will be appreciated I have been on them since Christmas and thse are the last of 65 questions!!!


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4. Horehound
Frost and dog horehound
5. Figgy Pudding?
Roman Camp Chedworth ????
Im from Stroud.....

it might be Frocester
Question Author
Thank you all for your help.

I think Frocester fits for the roman camp but I have never heard of Figgy Pudding (I can understand why it would surely make you go) I was trying for something starting with green as in traffic lights!!

Figgy Pudding refers to a line in the ditty "We wish you a merry christmas"
The line is :
O bring us some figgy pudding.......
"We won't go until we've got some"

Good luck with the fractal. It's driving me spare.(But I still hope to win the �50.00)!!!!!
Question Author
Did you get the answer to Wintry Fractal?The answer is
(I hope)
It is concering Geometry. I looked it up on the internet.

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Local christmas quiz

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