Hammond Harwood Television Quiz 2008

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chairmanhh | 14:37 Thu 11th Dec 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I have downloaded the quiz from

it's brillant BUT very frustrating.... lots of questions WITH the answers.... BUT still not easy!

Number 18 - Audrey & Aurora?

46 - It's a blue stone and an alloy?

53 - Mandror?


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46 Sapphire and Steele.
Question Author
thank you.... how you getting on with it?
Not doing this or any quiz or any crossword.
Just like exercising the brain!
Just loked at the quiz and the Audrey and Aurora has both Au' s in bold whiich would indicate Gold - suggest golden Girls?
Hi chairmanhh,
Yes, it is a brilliant quiz (a bit different from some of the others)
No.18 The letters Au and and Au give you a clue.
No.53 A house with an abbreviated medic in the middle
Hope these clues help
Good luck with the quiz
I am doing it and yes is fun now have 6 left but am starting to doubt a lot of the othersLOL
Why are you asking for the answers to your own quiz?
Am I being a bit dense here but I thought the idea was you
decided for yourself which clue fitted which answer. I thought that was the whole point of doing a quiz where the answers are given.
yes oddbod but a few seem to fit more than one question if you see what i mean so you think you are done then some wont compute
I realise that as I do have this quiz but surely thats the fun of it working out which goes where, when you get to the end with a few left that dont fit. It would be too easy if they all just had one answer.
yes i know you werent having a go at me, as i didnt ask a question indeed over a cuppa have just completed it.

Am more curious about Ternigapps comment, but there has been no response.
sorry mamyalynne, just seen your message. I suspect that chairmanhh is from Hammond Harwood and wondered why he/she was asking for answers to their own quiz. That aside, I really enjoyed the quiz, it's one of those that gets to you and you can't put it down till it's finished - managed to get to the last few and then had to start moving answers around to make them fit!

Good Luck to all doing it and I hope they raise lots for their charity.
I am amazed that questions are being asked for this.

The fun is to juggle it till they all fit - OK it takes a while but thats the point

If you are down to these 3 and your the answers you have left dont fit then you have look again

I wish I hadnt advertised it if this is what is going to happen to even this sort of quiz
What makes you think chairmanhh is from Hammond
It would seem very strange that he/she would post a question rather than just a straight forward plug for the quiz
Glad you did advertise it smouse, I enjoyed it and agree with you that questions don't need to be asked.

x-ray - just a feeling from the username, but feel like I've opened a can of worms - maybe chairmanhh can confirm either way.
Its a great quiz and deserves advertising so they make lots of money with it. I wasnt having a go at anyone in particular just moaning in general that more and more quizzes are being ruined by people asking too many too soon and some not even attempting to do them for themselves. I just thought this is one quiz that doesnt warrant people asking for answers as the answers are there, the whole point of it is making them fit and theres no point doing the quiz if that doesnt appeal.
Mind you if Ternigapps right then theres no hope at all !
remember folks it is christmas bit of charity here and there an no bickering!!!!!
Ive thoroughly enjoyed it so no bother smouse, and Ternigapp maybe chairmanh was just simply a quizzer like us, but can see how it looked. If one of us wins we must annnounce it LOL
Mamya x
Hi there, this is a new experience for me so be gentle - please!!! Does anyone know the answers to Nos. 94, 98 and 108 because i seem to be left with answers that dont match the clue.

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Hammond Harwood Television Quiz 2008

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