London Underground and DLR Stations

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tazmac25 | 17:05 Wed 10th Sep 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anyone confirm or deny the following - Im only looking for clues!

All answers are London Underground or DLR Stations
23 Choppy sailing weather? Is this one on the DLR or the Northern line
If its DLR I have 2 ideas but it will at least narrow it down for me
32. Sounds like a spicy condiment
Is this one on District or Bakerloo
thanks in advance


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This is a quiz that does not close until 15 February 2009.

I would not want to give out answers, or hints, this far ahead.
And there was me thinking this was an answer site !!!

Sorry Tazmac25 stuck on the same 2 and more
If other people want to give out answers then that is up to them.

I was just saying I would not want to, this far in advance. I would prefer to try to work it out myself.
Question Author
This is precisly why I have put a request for clues as I have answers to these two but cannot decide which one is correct
Gosh, I am glad that you are finding it a little tricky! I was ever so worried (this being my first ever quiz as a writer) that my clues were way too easy....

Hope that you are enjoying it!

BTW over �90 raised so far (many thanks to you all!)

Cathy Kennedy, St Peter's Tiddlers Pre-School
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Question Author
I think they are all open stations
And btw I love the quiz its very clever - well done quiz creator
No Zacsmaster, I definitely wasn't unkind enough to use closed tube stations - they definitely exist...
Not much point in replying then Rollo...

I would say 23 was on the DLR and starts with C and 32 is on the Bakerloo line and starts with P

Feel free to ask any more questions you are stuck on. For everyone who complains, there's plenty more who are more than willing to help.
Question Author
Many thanks Squarebear
Thats narrowed down 32 to one of my 2 ideas
and as for 23 I have 3 ideas 2 beginning with 2 aghhhh but it would be boring if it was really easy wouldnt it!!
These are my last 2 that are driving me nuts!
I would suggest CR..... as it seems to fit the clue.
Question Author
What do you think to the other C (2 words) that might fit too ??
"Not much point in replying then Rollo... "

Indeed, you could well say that squarebear.

Please feel free to comment on any of my postings, or ignore them, as you please.

"For everyone who complains, there's plenty more who are more than willing to help."

Did somebody complain? If they did I missed it.

If saying that I am nor willing to help this far in advance of the closing date is thought to be a "complaint" then you really do need to learn to understand what people write is what they mean, rather than putting youe own your own negative interpretation on it.

Have a nice day!
I wonder if I am missing something
I have a list of underground stations but for the DLR ones can only find a list of 14 and there is only one beginning with C

Wouldnt mind a clue for 25 please
Sorry, would love to help, but I don't have time to look.

However I must admit, Rollo's posts are a bit pointless so why make them at all?.

Think I'll choose to ignore - permanently!
Is the other one the name of a ship? I prefer the one that starts CR to that.

Rollo - All I'm saying is that there is precious little point posting just to say that you are not going to help.
squarebear, Yes there is a point in Rollo posting because it gives others information they are not aware of. Each individual can then make an informed decision whether to answer or not.
Question Author
Ive used this link for the DLR stations ailway
hope that helps !!

25 a clue
I have 2 answers in mind still not decided which one i like for it
a. is on the DLR the first 4 letters in the station is an anagram in french for part of the original clue
b. is on the central line and a pivitol word is inside this station name
hope thats clearish!!!

And yes Squarebear you are on the right track for what Im thinking about for the choppy sailing waters

Many thanks people
Thanks for the list I might get on a bit better now lol

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London Underground and DLR Stations

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