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pandora_isme | 22:46 Mon 21st Jul 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
12 Answers
Any help gratefully received, only have 3 left.
8 present and past seen together 17. Favourite follows little dog 45 Dolling all answers are toys or games, no letters given many thanks


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17 PUPPET pup pet
17 - puppet.
8 - is there a game called now and then?
8 seesaw
17. Puppet
45. Dressing up

Sorry can't help with no. 8 need that myself.
Would be grateful for any help with the following

28. Beat and behead
36. Dance with nothing on
Question Author
many thanks ladyalex,baitress,and jared

was trying to make something with puppy, but didn't think to shorten it doh

28 whip and top
36 I've gone with balloon (ball with o on) as seen on here.
28. Whip and top

can anyone help with
38. How an agent might explain his work
40. Brave and spiited lad
50. Drunken eye movements
Thank you very much pandora_isme
Happy to help :-)
38 I Spy
40 Game Boy
50 Tiddly Winks
Question Author
38 i spy,
40 Game boy
50 tiddly winks
Thanks so easy when ones sees the answer
I agree cornelia

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