quixote and scot on sunday cryptic

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creamegg | 00:50 Mon 14th Apr 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Scot on Sunday:

9a- fern is very large, married and german

3d- german chaps home city

23d- time in the morning to repeat gong 3-3
?a? t?m - tam tam?

26a- threat of top people with muscle being heard 3,4
??u ?a?t

20d- first half of broadcast has that star


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3d mannheim ?
9a Osmund (fern) . . . . OS(large) M(arried) UND
23d yes Tam-Tam . . . .T(ime) + A.M.(morning)

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quixote and scot on sunday cryptic

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