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binxter | 20:02 Wed 30th Jan 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Jack and John are identical twins. Jack was born before John, but according to their birth certificates,John is older than Jack, and there has been no administrative error. How come? All I can come up with is that there are two sets of twins with the same names, with John and Jack being the firstborns. Any better suggestions please.


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would one born on dec 31 and one born on Jan 1st make any difference?
or even Feb 29th?
Thats it, the eldest was born on Feb 29, an the other on March 1st, yay me !!!
How about if Jack was born at 1.55 am and John ten minutes later on the night in autumn when the clocks go back an hour?
How does that work then? If Jack was born on Feb.29th near midnight and John a few minutes later when it's gone into March, how does that make John older than Jack? It could work if Jack was born in October and then the clocks were put back an hour and John was born.
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I think I'll go with your answer otleybard. Better than what i came up with and I can see the logic in it. Thanks everyone.
I think dove is meaning that it would make John older than Jack as Jack would only have a birthday every four years.
born on a ship crossing the international date line, when you go back to the day before.

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