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Doc Spock

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cheaton | 23:03 Fri 04th Jan 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I have just reported Doc Spock who told me to f off. i suggest we boycott his/her questions as there is no call for this. The post may be removed soon (I hope).


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I suppose it stops him cluttering up chatterbank :D
grow up cheaton you big girls blouse.
Na na na na na na , big tart.
lol spock, have you been on the pop again?!
Doc there are still some people who can be shocked at online ill manners and personal abuse, you can't blame cheaton for their reaction.
I think we are immune to abuse on CB dot, Doc there are plenty of trolls to vent to on CB
Whoops, sorry, thought this was Quizzes & Puzzles
Bluecoat is supposed to be a church school.

The type where the parents have to go to church a couple of times before their kids are let in.

It is just silly that the quiz will be won by mr google and messrs ab quizzers.

Hardly an achievment. Thats churchgoers for you.
Why does it bother you so much what people do?
The clue is in the name

if you dont like it dont visit it
Hi cazz. It must really annoy those people who research answers for hours to find they are all on here.

Makes the quiz pointless does it not.
AB is only another reference point for research though, not all the answers are here, its the equivalent of asking random people, I would imagine other quizzers ask their families and friends the same...
-- answer removed --
And also the answers provided haven't been verified - it is up to you to then check that they're right or make a decision which one to choose if it's obscurely cryptic... Someone may take great pleasure in providing wrong answers!
You are right leggy, I have had enough of these sanctimonious religious freaks.
Have just read this thread....WHY??..and WHAT FOR??

Go away if you want to be rude...Cheaton I agree...we don't want it here!
What really annoys me about this ongoing row is that it�s the AB regulars that are the only ones who are prepared to address the issue. And even they are misjudging what the issue actually is. For one last time: I don�t question the right of AB to exist and I DON�T BLAME ANY OF YOU FOR PROVIDING ANSWERS. Is that clear?

My beef is with the people �playing� the Blue Coat quiz actually posting the clues on here in the first place. And, apart from a few snide comments here and there about this being the correct way to use this website (WE KNOW!), they are notorious by their absence from any discussion about the effects it is having on our quiz.

I also want to say that although I sympathise with Spock�s annoyance that over half the quiz appears to have been posted on here in the last two weeks, I can see no justification in abusing people. I�d prefer a debate rather than a slanging match.

I�m not interested in discussing whether the quiz is legal (it is) or whether AB is a useful promotional tool (it isn�t) with AB regulars, who know nothing about the School or it�s ethos. I just want to know why, with over 3 weeks still left to go before closing date, people are on here begging for answers? Where is the fun in that? That isn�t �research� as someone on here dared to call it. It�s the equivalent of standing outside Woolworths rattling a begging tin under passer-by's noses.

Surely your only motivation is to get all 100 right and get a shot at the prize money. I find that rather sad. Sad for you and sad for the quiz. I�ll say it one more time. Once everyone knows that all the answers will appear on here they just won�t bother with it. And the school will miss out on the revenue or have to find less enjoyable ways of arm-twisting us to get it.
The people who ask for loads of answers well before the closing date haven't bought the quiz as a challenge, they have bought it to win the prize with minimal input from themselves.
Their requests for answers are best ignored by members who haven't entered the quiz ensuring that they are only cheating each other.
Cue another round of AB regulars telling us that they won't be dictated to on who they provide answers for!

Sorry duckshoot but that approach - although valid from my perspective - just takes us off at a tangent about the validity of the website to exist.

The Blue Coat quiz players should just stop using this website for their answers.
The way I see it is that the compilers of the charity quizzes are in it for the money - they obviously want to sell as many quizzes as they can to raise money for their charity. Which is great ,so why should they worry about how they are filled in, or , indeed, if they are filled in and returned at all - they've got their money. Sometimes questions asked on AB creates more interest in the quiz and people not doing it will ask how to get hold of one. People who take the quizzes seriously and want to 'go it alone' will not even go on to AB, those that want help, will. It's really as simple as that!!

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