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KM Links Game - December week 3

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seekeerz | 07:29 Sat 15th Dec 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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And here's yet another month that's just flying by - do you realize that when we're all wracking our brains next Saturday morning, it'll only be 3 more sleeps till Santa comes !!!

Oh that's a scary thought, though I'm more organized this year than I have been for some time - only snag is that every time I hear a head count for Christmas lunch, it's getting larger - fish and chips on the beach, at this rate and I bet it'll be raining !!! In spite of global warming, we always break out the woollies for Christmas Day !!

So Good Morning all, hope all are well and like me, almost nearly totally not quite ready for the festive season.
Shortly the [ almost ] unstoppable Aquagility will battle sleet and snow in search of his morning paper and when sufficiently thawed, will impart to a waiting world [well us, anyway] the link words that Kate has set for us [and everyone else, but they don't count] to match up this weekend along with his own, well considered selections.
Then we all get to have a go, which will keep things ticking over nicely till Monday morning, when the links are revealed, probably by the above mentioned intrepid source, and I get to do something useful.

At this point, freebi2 is leading the competition, with 6 points, with quite a cluster with 5, 4, & 3 points all breathing down his/her neck, so it may well go down to the wire again this month - time will tell.

So Good Luck, one and all - it won't be long to wait now S


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Good morning, everyone.

Laurel wreath
Orchidectomy (ouch!!, sorry guys!)
Blind poker
Needle craft

good luck.
Here are Jim's attempts.....................

Laurel - LEAF
DERSERT - Orchid
Poker GAME
Mountain laurel
Magnetic needle
Desert orchid
Poker faced
Spurge laurel
Fringed orchid
Hypodermic needle
And good morning from snowy Ontario
Mr. O
Laurel Leaf
Orchid Grower
Darning Needle
Poker Player

Mrs. O
Laurel Wreath
Jewel Orchid
Compass Needle
Red-Hot Poker

Good luck to all.
Laurel wreath
Vanilla orchid
Pine needle
Poker face
Hello Steff, good evening to you. SHAZZA is going to go with:

Poker FACE

And I�m going for:

SHEEP Laurel
Needle MATCH

Good luck to everyone!!
redhot poker
knitting needle
desret orchid
laurel leaves
Once again better late than never

LAUREL hedge
ORCHID house
NEEDLE point
strip POKER
Skin of the teeth job again ...

Laurel wreath
White Orchid
Thread needle
Poker face

Good luck everyone!
As if last weekend with virgin media cutting off my broadband was not enough, this weekend for some reason the AB website will not let me access it under my user name and password- what have I done?
Anyway, sunday afternoon and at work, my answers are
spider orchid
laurel hedge
stud pocker
hypodermic needle
Laurel wreath
Stud Poker
Purple Orchid
Knitting needle
Bay Laurel
Needle Point
Jewel Orchid
Poker Face

Good luck everyone!
Sorry - late again!
Here goes -
laurel CHERRY
orchid BEE

Don't think I've repeated any, but I only skimmed the previous answers! Good luck to all!
Mrs Ecc
laurel wreath
needle point
rare orchid
poker dice

wild orchid
poker face
laurel grove

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KM Links Game - December week 3

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