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hairygrape | 12:30 Mon 26th Nov 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Just a general question. I'm curious how others send off the completed grid given that there's no form to fill in like the DTGK crossword. I cut out the grid and glue it onto the left hand side of a postcard. I then write the link answers from the DTGK and Herculis on the right hand side of the postcard, put my name, address beneath and phone number beneath, put the postcard in an envelope and send the whole thing off. Does anyone use a better idea?


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I cut out the grid, then write answers on a "post it" note and stick on the back of the grid, put in envelope.
with the crosswords in the Sun Mail & Express magazines , I cannot start either crossword until I have read the Agony Aunt columns[ not that I believe it], its just my weekly ritual.
I use wight sticky labels to write my name address and the links on stick them under the crossword and then cut round it as a whole,and put in envelope. Still don't win though
thats white sticky labels
I put a sticker next to the grid and write name , address and the links on it, then cut the whole thing out.
I have a template on my computer showing my name & address & NO OFFERS to which I add the linked words. Then I fold the A5 paper in half and put the grid inside. I raised this problem with Kate Mepham (the setter) and she said she would have a word with the powers that be although she knew that space is at a premium. Still no joy. The only Xword I know that doesn't provide a space.
The same goes for the Scrabble. I write my name at the bottom + a small return label which shows my address.
Hi. I use a postcard and cut out the grid and sellotape it to one side. On the other I write the linked words and my address. then I stick the postcard in an envelope. I am pleased to tell you that I actually won when the prize was still �500, so I count myself very lucky indeed. :-)
I ran off some compliments slips with my details. I write the answers on this and staple the grid to it.
I use the easy method, scan the grid, add the link words and my personal details and e-mail the wholde lot.
didn't realise you could e-mail it. What address do you use?
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Thank you all very much.

We've clearly adopted our own methods over this and they're all very ingenious.

At the end of the day though, it would be a whole lot simpler if Kate arranged for space to put these details in just as cheshunt suggested. It's a shame that income from adverts is more important than us.

Columbus, I didn't know that they accept email entries for Herculis or the DTGK for that matter. What's the email address you use? Does anyone else do this?

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