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FoxLee | 13:15 Sat 10th Nov 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Before I bring the wrath of certain people down on my head, I still have 11 of these to answer and shall probably be sending in my entry incomplete. However there is one question that has really, really been driving me mad and I would love it if some kind person would put me out of my misery.

87. Beheld a ripe cod - cooked for twenty shillings (10)

It looks like an anagram and I've tried and tried various options without success. The answer or a clue would be gratefully received.


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Take the first 2 letters of the first word + a ripe cod and that is the anagram. Will give the answer if you prefer.
I don't have this quiz .. but the answer would appear to be an anagram of ... be + a ripe cod ... hope this helps. The answer is a twenty shilling coin.
Question Author
be a ripe cod was one of the options I tried. I've just done it again on 3 different anagram sites and it comes up no anagram found. I've tried two other sites and frustratingly, I get page cannot be displayed. I've hardly got any hair left to pull out!!
Question Author
jenniferd - thank you so so much!!
Broad piece comes up wi about three time more hits when you do a search on Go ogle so it may be better to put both.
It's also showing here ..
Question Author
Thanks gen2 and Sarumite for those two sites. I tried Wordsmith - Wordfinder- Grandma Alice - all useless!!
I got this from my crossword dictionary - it had lots of coins (Jacobus etc.) and then it was easy - ish
two points
foxlee ..only 11??
Goofy ..which crossword dictionary
Question Author
Sorry,Diane, what -point are you making?
Probably it's Bradford's Crossword Solver's Dictionary that Goofy is referring to ... and I think Diane was surprised that you only have 11 answers to find Foxlee?
I've still got about 20!!!! [and lots of grey hairs] LOL
Question Author
Oh, I thought most people have finished it by now. Certainly various people have been on here asking for help with the last one or two.

Again, at the risk of upsetting 'certain people', are there any particular ones that I can help with Diane?
6,8,23,24,25,35,38,39 [i have .... express],41,47,48,50,51,54,55,57,60,66,68,72,73,74,78,79,88,96

i did warn you LOL
just got 25
Question Author
Shall i give some clues to start with. I'll do a few now - I'm trying to do dinner, working round Strictly Come Dancing - and then I'll come back on line later tonight.

6. You need the French word for streets combined with the opposite of odd

23. and 47. both need an american currencyl

23. past tense of 'to see'

47. Well known phrase when you don't want to take responsibilty for something and try to blame someone else and part of it is using the american currency.

24.. Anagram of last two words

35. also anagram of two words, to give a bird with an amount of money in its name

4l. English comedian who did extremely well in America,,
well known for the Road films

51. another anagram of Noah's Ark and you don't want to get in the hands of this type of person

Better go now.
Many thanks foxlee. I have answers now. Hope you enjoyed Srictly Dancing.
Question Author
55. Are you a fan of strictly? She won it with Darren I think in series 2 and her surname is a coin

66. Famous pirate with a parrot - first two words are the underclothes

68. an unusual word although it appeared on Eggheads last week. It's contained in the sentence, no anagram needed

72. anagram of Cash table seen - produced by accountants

73. What a gratuity is contained in the word for wages paid, I think, to member of the clergy

78. Yet another anagram - our men earn it

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