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jessiedog | 18:09 Sat 27th Oct 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hello everybody,

The new Cinnamon Trust quiz is now available and can be obtained from

Julie Henning
Court Place
Tower Hill
PL27 6HT

70 Dingbats - Mostly Books and Some Plays

Prize - 2 x �10 and a further �5 for a random sheet irrespective of amount of correct answers.

�1 + SAE - Cheques payable to J Henning - closing date 5th January 2008

I am going to trial an idea I had about the problem of sending money for quizzes and the fact that it sometimes goes missing prior to arrival.

Tesco gift cards. They are the size of a credit card and can be wrapped in the return envelope to disguise them; they can be 'charged' with a minimum of �1 and then in �1 steps to maximum of �100 ; they come with a cardboard folder on which a message can be written (eg how many quizzes requested) and this also adds another layer of disguise; they are light in weight so do not add to the postage costs; they are free of any extra charge to both sender and receiver, unlike postal orders or some cheques; they can be spent easily, unlike stamps; they have nice pictures on them (OK, getting silly now). As most people live near a Tesco they are easy to buy and exchange.

I can use them to pay for my shopping and put into the quiz fund the corresponding amount in cash (or note the amount for the final cheque to the charity).

I am not sure if other companies have a similar scheme but, as I live in the wilds of Cornwall, I am not near to other large supermarkets, chain stores etc. So if you would like to try this, TESCO ONLY PLEASE.

I hope to hear from you soon and also hope that you enjoy the quiz.


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Glad to see it now says cheques and will do it on monday
I tried the Tesco voucher and the minimum my store had was �20
Question Author
Hi Smouse,

That sounds like the conditional amount cards - there should be racks of the 'any amount' cards (in our shop at the end of the checkouts and also hanging on strips around the store) available to pick up. Usually these have a pretty picture on and have to be 'charged' at the checkout. Look forward to hearing from you next week then.


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