Money Matters Rainbow Quiz: #95 & 98

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grumpygeezer | 15:57 Thu 11th Oct 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hi all, I am having difficulty with these two and it's making me even grumpier than usual. I can't see that anyone else has yet asked on thes etwo, so please can you validate my thoughts.

#95 "The fools just failed to make estimate (5)"

I have fools as 'asses'. Adding an 's' to make 'assess' would give me 'estimate'. This looks ok except that I can't see a link to money! (Unless it's coveting my neighbour's ass - which incidentally has some truth in it - but this seems too tenuous a link even for the convoluted minds of these quiz setters).
I could change the 's' at the end to a 't' and thus make 'asset'. This has a clear money link, but no link I can see to 'estimate'. I can even invert 'asset' to form 'tessa', but this doesn't achieve anything. So folks, where am I missing something?

#98. "American writer has old book to pen ..... (4,5)"

The best guess I have here is 'Mark Twain' as he was an American writer and mark has a currency connotation. But no way of linking 'twain' to the rest of the clue.

So folks am I on the right track please with these two? If I am please encourage me. If I am not, a gentle hint in the right direction may help make me less grumpy.

Thank you


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Asses (just short of assess = estimate). Asses is plural of 'as' = an old coin.
# 95 "Asses" is also the plural for "As"

# 98 I also got locked into Mark Twain ~ but not so!
Mark is also a book in the NT, whereas the clue definitely implicates the OT!
95. Look up 'as' in chambers. Go for the plural !!
98. Old Testament Book plus British coin.

Be grumpy no more!!!!
grumpygeezer: Am having the same problem as you with #95 but you are on the right lines with #98 just the wrong American author - try a surname beginning with P. I'm going mad with #53, can you help? Bracelet.
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Hi Bracelet, I've put stale bread for 53 but not entirely happy with it Jodder
I thik bread stick is better - as in stick around
Question Author
Thank you all. In much better humour now.

Can't add to all the talk here on #53, bracelet. I'm stuck with 'stale bread' as the best bet. But it's not up to their usual clue standard if this is the correct answer.

Thanks to all

I have had similar thoughts as you about 95 except I hadn't thought of tessa
However - I have got 98
What is often referred to as an old book (or books!) in crosswords? When you've got this find a four lettered book and google it with "american writer". The surname is another word for pen but not the writing kind.
Hope thats not too vague

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Money Matters Rainbow Quiz: #95 & 98

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