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Logos & faces quiz

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Daffodil87 | 17:53 Thu 04th Oct 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Would anyone care to purchase a quiz prepared to raise funds for restoration of our Village Hall? Prize is �20 for complete (or most correct) answers. If so, please send �1 (cheques payable to The Village Hall at Heage) to Mrs. V. Newey, 21 Spanker Lane, Nether Heage, Derbyshire DE56 2AT. Closing date for the quiz is 30th November 2007.


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Count me in Daffodil ... I love pictures !!! xx
me too Daffodil87
better have one if earthakitten is... just so i can help her LOL (falls off chair laughing) Imeant to type so she could help me
oh I'd better have one as well then cos I so love pictures and logos even more and cant wait to help you all - lol
Can't wait to get together Diane. I love a good laugh and all the banter that accompanies these sort of quizzes.
I dare smouse to get one !

PS ... after all that work for the Cinnamon one. I scored 80. Great ... NOT ... It took from Thursday till Monday, first class to get to jessiedog so I didn't make the closing date !!! xx
You weren't there a moment ago smouse. Lets all get together... xx
see I'm never far away
What a shame about it not getting there in time after all the team work
Yippeeeeeeeeeee a picture favourite !!!!!
Meant to ask, because of the postal strike, is it possible to get a copy of your quiz via email?

Question Author
I'm rather new to this, but here goes. Thanks for your answers. In regard to sending quiz via email, sorry, but it's not possible. Has to be hand cut and pasted to work!

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Logos & faces quiz

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