KM Links Game - June week 2 Results

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seekeerz | 11:20 Mon 11th Jun 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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And what a busy weekend it turned out to be - yes the rotten stop out has finally returned to her home and her responsibilities.

Four interesting link words which gave rise to a wide range of combinations, but still resulted in some spectacular early scoring - the links were

Spider Crab
Monkey Wrench
Spray Paint
Kiss Curl all of which flew out with the first few matches - our newcomer, MalcolmR on only his second try swiped bonus points for Spider Crab and Monkey Wrench, hotly pursued by wickedtongue who quickly predicted Spray Paint and Kiss Curl for the other bonus points.

Under the two minute rule, Dizzy Lizzie & slaney
both scored two bonus points for correct matches as well.

But the heartiest congratulations must go to devadiva who has correctly predicted all four links - this is quite some feat considering all the possible combinations and she deservedly has earned the title of HOT SHOT of the WEEK !!

Several 'well known names' all managed to predict 3 matches for the game - Aquagility, Dinkypuzzled, keyboardix, twosearch & JRB while lysander, rogerr, patchett, crofter, merched, Meadow Lane, Mr O, cheshunt, brizzer & Mr JimJools all scored 2 points

A brief look at the overall picture has wickedtongue out in front with a comfortable 9 points, followed by MalcolmR & keyboardix each with 5 points, and lysander, crofter, DizzyLizzie, devadiva, twosearch & JRB all with 4.

However. it's a long month, three more challenges and who knows who might come up with some spectacular scores - see you all, same place, next weekend !! Steff


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Thanks Steff for the hard work and in-depth analysis and a big round of applause for devadiva for guessing all four - an amazing accomplishment. 1 point only for me - but better than I did on the 'other' links game!
Thanks Christiana for your praise - no-one was more surprised than me because I have been nursing a sick husband and my entry was very late and very rushed with absolutely no thought put into it - just off the top of my head. Maybe I should use that approach in future. MM links was a complete washout which was more normal.
Congratulations devadiva, - and better luck with the 'other' game next week.

Thanks seekeerz for keeping score I'll try to do better next week.
Very well done Devadiva - perhaps I should use that approach too! I think it was the advice that Aquagility (another consistently high scorer) gave us some time ago. It appears to work for you too.
I hope your win has brought some light and cheer into the Devadiva household and your husband was pleased with your Victory. i wish him a speedy return to better health.
Wow 4/4 full house .. well done devadiva ... and I hope your husband is soon on the mend.
I don't think my efforts gave you anything to do Steff ... knew you were busy so I decided to do poorly !!? Thanks for your usual extensive report, advising us how well (or badly) our predictions fared. (S) :O)
Congrats to Devadiva, and we also hope the your husband will be well again soon.
Mr. O Is quite pleased to have scored 2 points.
As usual, my scoring didn't give you any sweat Seekeerz.
Thanks for your time and patience with the scoring.
Until next week. See ya.
thanks steff and congrats to devadiva well done!
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Well done devadiva! That's quite an achievement! Many Many congratulations!!....nil for me!!! :-(

Excellent result, devadeva. Just hit 'em straight down the middle - none of this fancy clever stuff. We're not here for the laughs - we're here to win!

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KM Links Game - June week 2 Results

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