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mm links game 2007 april (week 2)

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cliffyg | 09:45 Sat 14th Apr 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Welcome to you all on Week 2. This is cliffyg continuing to take over the "reigns" of wicked tongue and rogerr I am again reliably informed by crofter that I was the one who was amBUSHed and BUSHwhacked.

All four of my links were spotted when the game was barely 15 minutes old. Well in the words of the Scaffold Thank you very much.

My second set of four words to have their links predicted should appear below at 9.00am and you are invited to predict the missing links. Each of my chosen words contains at least four letters and at most eight letters. Stray outside this range and you will be wasting one of your attempts.

The competition will officially close on Sunday Evening at 7.00pm when crofter will declare my selected words and then apply the same rules of awarding points that have been applied during earlier weeks.

For me this is the biggest event of the day even bigger than the FA Cup semi-final. I am a mixed up trainee so be kind to me. I have learnt that idle talk and a gallant approach can bring rewards. Still Bald Eagle has the right idea.


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<White rabbit> I'm late I'm late.
So probably all gone :(

grand DESIGN
national ANTHEM
horse DRAWN
HUMAN race

fingers crossed
My guesses for today are:-

Grand Piano
National Debt
Clothes Horse
Relay Race

and for David Masterchef:-

Baby Grand
National Velvet
Sawing Horse
Garlic Clove
Senior moment there!!
Last one for David Masterchef should have been:-

Foreign Race

I just cannot play two games at a time-must try harder!
Good morning to all and best of luck. In the links game and on the Big Race. Each way bet on Point Barrow should do it says Mr. O.
Here are his link words.
Grand Banks
National Pride
Horse Sense
Yellow Race (E Rice Burroughs).
He doesn't want to be accused of not being politically correct!!!!! Geez

Grand Total
National Disgrace
Horse Pills
Arms Race.

Hi everybody - I will try the following:

National GALLERY
Well I picked the winner in the National! Is it an omen???
congrats on that pauline mine either fell or are still running!
I want my money back I am sure it was a false start how many attenpts did it take? May ask the bookies for my �3 back how do you think I am fixed?
I'm home from a day out so very late in the day for me, but here goes

Grand Prix
National Grid
Trojan Horse
Chariot Race

Now I am off to scroll through all the pages to see what everyone else has gone for
Silvertongue's guesses are

Grand Piano
National Express
Wooden Horse
Human Race

Sue says good luck everyone
Reg's guesses are:

Grand SLAM
National SERVICE
Cliffy - you've given us a fabulous choice of words....even at this late stage there's still a plethora of serious and sensible possibilities.
My entries are:
Grand father
National Health
Horse Power
& Flat race
Grand Father
National Front
Wooden Horse
Mixed Race
There's still time to lodge your predictions!

Competition closes at 7.00pm
this competiton is now officially closed

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mm links game 2007 april (week 2)

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