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Sir Lancelot Mail on Sunday xword, 4 March 6D

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playmisty | 13:30 Mon 05th Mar 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hello, can anyone help me with 6D for the Lancelot? Cryptic clue: maybe an insect for the tall person?
Quick clue: tall person?
I have letters S?X?A?T?R which comes out as SIXMASTER on the One Across help page, but I cannot find a definition for 'Sixmaster' on Google search and I do not know what it means. Thank you


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Sixfooter....check your A
Question Author
Brilliant and thank you very much to both of you...I had 'Own Ball' for 12A which should obviously have been 'Own Goal'...sorry, should have checked on that! Best wishes and good luck with the comps

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Sir Lancelot Mail on Sunday xword, 4 March 6D

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