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Common Sayings and Phrases

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wolf63 | 22:10 Thu 23rd Nov 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
7 Answers
I started with a list of 25 acronyms or common sayings and phrases and have managed to find most of them.

Can anybody help me with these:


It's driving me nuts trying to find these.


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MATWSIJ ..Many a true word spoken in jest
TSIWBTFIW The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
Last one......Everything comes to him who waits
PGBAF Pride goes before a fall
Question Author
Brilliant Shaneystar - I still have to find ALAAF.

The prize is a miserable �10 but once I start doing something like this I can't stop.

3 . As light as a feather .
Question Author
Thanks to you both. I admit that I got one on my own, 5 due to your hardwork and the rest were 'obtained' after an afternoon scouring the internet.

Thanks you both.

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Common Sayings and Phrases

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