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hyltonh | 12:13 Fri 17th Nov 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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still struggling with 5 questions despite reading all the clues-any further help would be appreciated for I am quite new to these quizes and maybe not so bright yet at deciphering cryptic clues yet.


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22. 1st part type of recording device + word for a touchdown in rugby gives you this hobby. Think Bayeaux

38. Game played on ship - 1st word is a name for a ship floor
and the second word is a word for leave with o in the midde.

39.1st word another word for something that is convienient and the second word is the name of a comic.

61.Google Bob White as you find it is a type of bird and if you put this between SS will give you answer.

76.This is something that people do and put them in albums - not photos you get them on letters.

Hope that helps
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thank you for your help-much appreciated, however 39) has a 6 letter answer only.
22 tapestry
38 deck quoits
76 stamps
39. Also a non-fizzy drink
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thanks for all the help.
What do you do if you record(S) and think of a three word name for a score in Rugby. Answer to 55 would be appreciated

sorry abut 39 I was looking at my answer to 40.

Headingly - the answer is what there are 3 of in the question.

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leisure pleasure

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