Last few of connected in my garden: sayings phrsaes music films etc

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tumble | 17:49 Tue 15th Aug 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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1. I L W T R in I S
2. F in T W
3. A T in S S
4. S N in T W S
5. S M
6. A G W
7. in A B T
8. to L T R-T G
9. A T as A R
10. C the E
11. The C B
12. F the G-R
13. B up T W T
14. S A the R O
15. T S O the E
16. A C V
17. to H G F
18. Been D T A H B
19. P D E the D
20. T F O the B-B
21. S O the F
22. The T B
23. T S and N P
24. W on T V
25. An O C
26. F in T A
27. PR
28. T P P of D
29. N S I the B
30. I A O the D B
31. M and W
32. L O in L
33. T B is O T R
34. S, my S
35. C T in M, T G I A D

Many thanks i cant believe how fast some of the replies have been. thank you


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12. From the Grassroots
5. Steel Magnolias
21. Sit on the Fence
PR...Paper Roses ( song )
6. A grass widow
I thought you would have had more response. I'm still working on them, inspiration seems to come in spurts. I've just been for a walk down to the library and I took a list of the above with me.

I think it's called scraping the bottom of the barrel - all I could come up with was -

A climbing/clinging vine

an organic compost

as tough as a root?

The one with B-B - could it refer to bluebells?

How many did you have to start with? It must have been quite daunting.

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Last few of connected in my garden: sayings phrsaes music films etc

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