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ST Where Was I?

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theprof | 11:06 Mon 17th Apr 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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There seems to be three possible answers for question one, all of which seem to be correct..

Is it Great Cumbrae, Cumbrae or the Isle of Cumbrae?

I'll take the majority opinion!


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I haven't read the question but there is also a Lesser Cumbrae.
It's definitely Great Cumbrae - the island that Millport is on (then he takes the ferry to Largs, where the battle was.......) Take it from a Scot !
Hi brainiac, I live in Ayrshire and play golf regularly in Millport, having lived in Largs for some time. As I said, I haven't seen the question , but the islands are also called Greater and Lesser Cumbrae.
Question Author
Yes as you say brainiac, it'd definitely the island that Millport is on.

I think what we need here is the most common name for the island.

Thanks for the answers so far.
Hi theprof, I'd say that Great and Greater would be equally acceptable.
Question Author
Thanks geo0939.

I think I'll go for Great Cumbrae.

You can't beat the advice of a local when it comes to questions like this!

Thanks again.
My atlas gives Great Cumbrae but it is usually known just as Cumbrae (we live just down the coast).
Question Author
Thanks wideboy.

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ST Where Was I?

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