Last man and woman to hang in Great Britain.

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missprim | 11:40 Thu 30th Mar 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Sorry this is such a macabre question but I always thought the answer was James Hanratty and Ruth Ellis but I think I may be mistaken.


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ellis is right
No individual was the last person hanged in the UK, as the last executions took place at the same time but at different prisons: Peter Anthony Allen at Liverpool and Gwynne Owen Evans at Manchester Prisons. Both were hanged on 13 August 1964. Subsequent people were sentenced to death, but they were all reprieved.
The last executions by hanging in Britain were carried out at 8 am on August 13th, 1964. Peter Anthony Allen and John Robson Walby (alias Gwynne Owen Evans) were hanged separately - but simultaneously - for murder in Walton Prison, Liverpool, and Strangeways Prison, Manchester.
Not again! This synchrography is getting out of hand!
Question Author
Thanks for your answers.At least I was right with Ruth Ellis, had never heard of Peter Anthony Allen and Gwynne Owen Evans.Well done!
QM we will have to take this in turns
Don't worry about it, Don. I was just getting overwrought because it has happened to me quite a few times in recent days. I don't mind if I am occasionally the one who finishes in pole position, but it seems I've been No 2 consistently for about a week! Cheers
I'm pretty sure Ruth Ellis was the last woman.
QM you will always be valued on this site, don't worry about being a second or two late now and again.

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Last man and woman to hang in Great Britain.

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