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DT GK March 4

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theprof | 13:35 Sun 05th Mar 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
6 Answers
17d Is it Syllabub or Sillabub? My dictionaries and online sources show it spelt either way.

I'll accept the opinion of the majority!

Many thanks


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I used syllabub as i have always spelt it that way!
I would go for Syllabub, Sillabub is an archaic spelling of the same word.
def syllabub
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Thanks Pangolin. I've always spelt it that way too. The trouble is that Mike Mepham likes using the Collins English Dictionary and that has it spelt both ways
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Thanks all.

Syllabub will do for me!
I have the CED too and it gives syllabub or sillabub, so I would suggest that the first spelling is the correct one to use. That's the one I've gone for (but we won't know for sure until next Sat!)

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DT GK March 4

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