Places in coastal areas of the UK:

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rescuer | 23:18 Thu 02nd Mar 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Just 2 to finish the quiz (48 done).

All help greatly appreciated.

What place of 7 letters is 'a Scottish hotspot?'

What place of 8 letters is 'Rest by a watery path'?

If it helps one of the other clues was 'Could be a labrador' - 8 letters = Blackdog which is a small place north of Aberdeen.


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Could the Scottish hotspot simply be Wick?
Question Author

Thanks for the suggestion mac44 but the answer to this clue is 7 letters long.

Wick is the answer to another question in the quiz. The clue for this 4 letter answer was 'This keeps the candle burning'. 'Burness' has been suggested as the Scottish hotspot. It is a possibility but not as clear an answer as those for the other clues.

Sorry about that rescuer, I must learn to count.
Dounrae could be a hotspot if things went wrong!
Question Author
Well, incognito, I like it! That may be the answer but minutes before you entered your answer I set off for the post box as the quiz has to be there tomorrow!. I put Burness as I had no other thought. I am not happy with it but it may just be what they are looking for. It is a local church which is running it and the prize is a magnificent �10!! But it is just the satisfaction of winning rather than the money -- unless it is the National Lottery. When I get the answers I will put them on the site for the benefit and interest of yourself and others who have helped.

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Places in coastal areas of the UK:

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