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Refreshment House Of Games Theme C/D 31St July

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Skitts | 17:02 Sun 23rd Jun 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
12 Answers

Two Clues in one - Clue leads to a movie title with the same initials

12 Tory isn't Labour

15. Assassinating Narcissist

16. Making Fancy Language

17. Genius Wants Help

20. Think Appalling With Puppets 

Famous Albums with Cryptic clue to the band

21. P - You might want this band in your Orange Juice (1995)

30. PE - It seems like everyone is against them (1990)

Opposites Attract

35. Pussycat Pensioners

40. The Stationery Carrot

Grateful for any help clues or answers 

Thanks in advance x



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12 The Iron Lady
17:40 Sun 23rd Jun 2024

12 The Iron Lady

3O Public Enemy

21. ? Pulp

21 pulp - different class


17 ?? Good Will Hunting

16. my fair lady ?

20. Team America:World Police    .... puppetry comedy

15 Apocalypse Now ?    .... but can't see the connection!

40.  Might be The Clockwork Orange ?

35 and 40 answers are children's books!

15 American Ninja?

35. Peter Pan ???

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Refreshment House Of Games Theme C/D 31St July

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