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postman44 | 21:33 Thu 13th Jun 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
11 Answers takes an ace microscope to turn up this one(3)

60.cook uses letters dish(20)tray(2)jam pan(19)to write an abbreviated one.

64. Swinging lopper in acre he took the centre out (2)

67.i turned to find trusty carpets getting into shape(2) a confused over it.






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So 3 for first one means 3 words?

Question Author

Number in brackets is number of words newmodarmy.

64 Apple corer

67 pastry cutters

68 cruet

56 ice cream scoop

Can't make sense of No. 60?

Question Author

They are answers to 20.19.and 2.


6 Tablespoon

T = 20th letter

B = 2nd letter

S =19th letter

TBS is abbreviation for tablespoon

60 tablespoon, tsb is abbreviation, so 2, 19, 20 may refer to letters in alphabet 

^ meant to write TBS!

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