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Kingpin4 | 13:20 Tue 11th Jun 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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What  number is the property in Baker Street that is on the left of the Sherlock Holmes museum in  London, 219, 221A, 237, 221C  or 223 . Any help will  be  greatly  appreciated. Many thanks in advance if anyone can help.



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It might be 221A  as Sherlock's address is 221B Baker Street

Google Earth shows the addresses either side as 237 & 241b, so using your list, it must be 237.

Sorry, had a phone call - I couldn't be doing with faffing around on street view, but the pic shows the overhead view -

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Thanks Lie- in King.


Many thanks Kingpin4.

You're welcome 🙂

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