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Village Of Heage Quiz No 37

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skippy89 | 18:59 Thu 16th May 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
16 Answers

Still got four to go any clues please.

2. MPT by DDS

5.WS by HS

7. C by CA

33 OBS by JC



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5 watermelon sugar by Harry styles

Not everyone knows the theme, please put it on every question.

33. clue for his surname is: loose change in your pocket means you are carrying a bit of **** around with you. First word of title is a colour and fruit beginning with the "O".

There was a mashed potato twist but it was bb king and I can't find a dds cover

Oh are they alljust fruits? I assumed it was food as I saw a music food quiz recently

I'll wait for skippy to tell us the theme

7. title is the american name for sweets + the opposite of woman.  This American singer is known as the "voice of a generation" if you want to google that.

Ah so the single  C word answer is not just the name of a food item but also what you'd call the seller

Is 2 not mashed potato twist please thewinner?

Oh I've got it...its not twist. Dds is a woman 

nma, hi, I think there's a "food" item in the song's title. They wanted clues rather than answers. I don't know of an artist by initials DDS, but it could be what you suggest. I'll have a look.

Look sharp, the winner, or someone might beat you to it.

2.  found it. what nma first suggested for the first two words of the title + you look at your watch for this. The artists surname:  say the first two letters out loud, and the last letter is a musical term, opposite of Flat.

Question Author

The theme is food.

nma, thats very good!  well done.

Question Author

Many thanks all for your help.


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Village Of Heage Quiz No 37

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