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Biscuits And Crackers

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nelios1 | 10:17 Tue 30th Apr 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
9 Answers

save the children

37. first class 4

41. chocolate sandwich biscuit4,7

43 brown bread 5

49 soft toffee crumbly biscuit 7,9

50 filled with pebbles 5



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43  Hovis make a dgestive biscuit shaped like a small loaf

50  Rocky

41  ? bourbon?

49  (McVities)  Caramel Shortcake

49.  Should be Digestive, not Shortcake

41,  Oreo Vanilla?  The biscuit is chocolate, the filling vanilla

37   Gold

Don't forget the title of the Quiz and the closing date as per AB instructions. 

37. Ritz

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Biscuits And Crackers

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