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The K M Links Game - April 2024 Week 4 And Final Results

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seekeerz | 01:48 Mon 29th Apr 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - a bit on the dreary side for a Monday morning here - overcast and quite breezy, but no complaints from me, we've had some lovely days for the holidays and now we can venture back to the shops in peace ....🥳🥳

Now for the matches ...

Price Tag

Clip Clop 

Full Cream

Sweet Heart

And surprisingly all were found ....had my doubts about the second one, but hey ....way to go !!
GLARUS collected the two Bonus points for Full Cream and a total of three ....nice way to end the month.

Right, now I'm off to type up the Leaderboard so I shall return, asap !!



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The Leader Board for April 

5 points - Haras2, lysander and Moorea7.

4 points - Chiefpanda and tearinghair.

3 points - Arksided, Glarus, and Johnny.5.

2 points - andres, Buenchico, Candice Marie, elliemay1, hazlinny, JJ109, karamia, scorpiojo, and weecalf.

1 point - anikomo, Auntypoll, brizzer, cashier, cliffyg, Mrs G, jollyroger66, jobjockey, lady Jo, MargoTester, mallyh, Muzz, sadielady, Sam1960, seekeerz, SharonA,  teacher1, toaster, twix123, wickedtongue and wildfish.

So Congratulations to all the lucky players who picked up points in what was a quiet month, rather on the tricky side to say the least.

We start a new round next weekend so till then take care and stay safe Cheers Steff 😘😘

Nice and warm in the clubhouse.

Question Author

Good 😀 I hope Arky has left you sufficient hobnobs 🤔

Low scoring but happy to be up  there 😊  Thanks again. x

Thank you, Steff. 😊

I do believe I had a point each week! That doesn't often happen. I'm very happy with 4. Thank you skz.

Dizzy heights this month !!

Thanks Seekeerz  😄

A tough month well done to all and thanks to skrz

Seekeerz as we shared my last Hob-nob on the Waffle/Wordle thread, there is still a spare packet in the tin on the shelf next to the Sweeping brush, mop and bucket.
No hint intended 😏

Well done all fellow point scorers which agreed was a tricky month.

Thank you SeekeerzXx

Question Author

Ooooh that's right, we did, didn't we 🤔🍹🥳🥳🥳


well, I won't tell if you don't xx

Hi seekz et al - I'm going to try to remember to start joining in again next month, I miss having no points... 😖

I've already found & had Arky's hobnobs... 😃

That's ok L.I.K... I know where I found them.

Question Author

Ooh lovely, Link, you've been missed ....mind you, Kate has made it rather difficult to pick up points but we all keep slogging away 😵‍💫🤩😘

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The K M Links Game - April 2024 Week 4 And Final Results

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