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Save The Children Wisbech - 4 May

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bluebell56 | 16:32 Tue 26th Mar 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Answers are Biscuits and Crackers.  Please can anyone help with No.37 First Class (4) and No.41 Chocolate sandwich biscuit (4,7)- I have Bourbon for another answer.  Many thanks. 



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37. ? Ritz

41. ? Oreo Vanilla

Question Author

Thank you Hazlinny for Oreo Vanilla wouldn't have got that one. I have Ritz for No.23 Posh Hotel (4) unless there is another posh hotel. 

I have Ritz for Posh hotel too. 

No 37 - Gold

Question Author

tg22 Thank you. I remember Gold biscuits now. I suppose the clue should have said 'First Place' instead of 'First Class'.

37. Club ???

Could 41 be oreo cookie.

Can you help with 18 Crunchie circle 7,5

Thank you

Question Author

TheWinner - Good guess but I have Club for No.24 Members only (4)

Newbie20 - I suppose No.41 could be Oreo Cookies. No.18 Crunchy Circle I have gone for Coconut Rings as I can't find anything else. Unless anyone else comes up with another suggestion. 

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Save The Children Wisbech - 4 May

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