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Shelterbox “Here Am I, Sitting In A Tin Can” Quiz C/D 25Th March

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straydog | 11:21 Sun 24th Mar 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
17 Answers

According to the setter. "All the answers are things you’d find in tins/cans (some of them bizarre!) – and you’ll need to ‘think outside the can’ (as well as inside) for some of these".   They may well be right as I have “car” for one of the answers (that is if I am right!) 

It’s clues only please but I’ll be grateful for any help at all as I’m totally stumped on these!

16.  Japanese n etherwear (5).  (BTW This is how the clue is composed but I guess it could be a typing mistake and mean netherwear as all one word)

48. French house carriers (9)

49. The king with added dairy (12)

50. Americans don’t want anyone unloading a can of this on them (5,3 or 8)



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50 i have heard of the term a can of whoop a$$ but surely not an answer to this


50 seen as a reptile + a liquid used as a lubricant

48 seen as  the French word for snails

Question Author

Thank you both.  I did a search EllieMay first but didn't find those answers so thank you and I love your answer Squitty.

I see that Enigma50, Bows48 & vonjon appear to have finished now so hopefully they will help me with the final one, no 16 Japanese n etherwear (5)

I found Imari which is earthenware but is also on tins

only thing I could find

Straydog I'm far from finished. I still need 16!

Straydog perhaps you can help me? 7,9,16,17,18,20,22,24,26,27,30,33,35,37&39

17 tin of sweets popular at christmas

20 type of hat with what you call tablets you take

24 an£ 26 given n later thread

27 only think of Scottish knitware and crisps

30 what you call oil you put on to ease something

33 what you drink and who carries the clubs in golf

35 what you spray to take away smells 

39 what they put into the ground for people to dig up in years to come

other answers are only iffy that I have


All iffy ...

17. Roses

20. Pillbox

33. Tea caddy

35. Air freshener

39 Time capsule

straydog, No 50 is snake oil and 48 is escargots

Bows, number of letters please?

Vonjon, can you put the clues please?

Question Author

Sorry vonjon. I've only just come back to this and for others these are the clues for those not already covered

7 Jammed together 5,9 

9 play it or carry wholesale goods 5,4 

 18 Stops you (sic) mouth from fraying 3,5,3

37 Powdered, they go the distance 6,6

7, 18 & 37 I only have very "iffy" answers - ? Pilchards? Lip stick? Boxing gloves?

9 a type of percussion instrument.

A  reminder too that the setter has asked for clues only to be requested 


Yes of course cashier

7, jammed together (5,9)

16, Japanese n etherwear (5)

17, upmarket thoroughfare (7,6)

18, stops you mouth from fraying (3,5,3)

22, is scary giant electric  (7,6)

24, has this animal product disappeared like magic (10.4)

26, ridiculous tie (5,6)

37, powdered, they go the distance (6,6)

thanks cashier

17    Think chocolates at Christmas

9   Steel drum?

Thanks cashier just need  16 & 22 now

i have got some sort of answers for the others

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Shelterbox “Here Am I, Sitting In A Tin Can” Quiz C/D 25Th March

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