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Saturday February 24Th 2024

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Peterrabbit | 21:54 Sat 24th Feb 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Border towns and villages.                     A lot of oil might be needed to open the gates.

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Closing date 31st march



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Question Author

Thanks for link captain2 but I don't see how the answer fits

No, I don't either Peter. I just linked to that answer for you - perhaps some research may shed some light on it.

I don't know this, but on googling, it apears that The Bear Gates of Traquair have been closed since 1745. See here.........

Yes, Winner - I used to live about 4 miles from Traquair House.

^^^ I've still got a bottle of beer from Traquair House, bought it about 40 years ago! Don't think I'll bother drinking it though. ;0)))

Question Author

Thanks everyone.i ll go with that answer

Yes it is Traquair .and the reason is in an answer that was given . 

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Saturday February 24Th 2024

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