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vonjon | 20:48 Fri 16th Feb 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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these are lines from songs

1) what did we do to kiss the 'mr' and 'miss' away?

2)where will you find me if you try?

3)how often do i soar like an eagle?

4) once you're in love with her you'll always be in love with her. who is she?

5) what would there be just for show?

6) where was the town where i got my start?

7) what can't i regret?

8) on what days would you tell me?

any help to identify these songs please



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Are these cryptic clues to a song rather than actual lyrics?

8 Tell me on a Monday.

7 Non, je ne regrette rien


Question Author

yes cryptic clues

6. Detroit:

3. Once in a lifetime:

2. In the needle's eye:

5 a staircase - in If I were a Rich Man.

7 What I Did For Love

4 a beautiful woman?

Question Author

thanks for the help

Tilly2 who sang tell me on a monday? i cannot find it

Buenchico not sure if number 2 is the right answer ive noticed that all answers are older songs/artists 

elliemay1 ive checked lyrics for this song and it doesnt say "you'll always be in love with her" so i don't think it can be this song


Tell me on a SUNDAY

>>> "Tilly2 who sang tell me on a monday? i cannot find it"


2 Where the sky meets the sea. ( Bali Hai from South Pacific.) Looks as if the answers are all songs from musicals.

OOps! I got my days mixed up. Sorry.

Sorry, I thought you said that they were cryptic clues rather than actual lyrics

2. The question asks ' which days' so I was reluctant to use just Sunday. Though the eater does make (intentional ?) mistakes to confuse us. 
Thanks everyone for your help. 

^^ the setter

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Water Aid

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