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The K M Links Game - February 2024 Week 1 Results

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seekeerz | 01:38 Mon 05th Feb 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - well our sunshine has gone for the time being, which in a way is a good thing - it was getting pretty warm yesterday - but it will be back in a day or so and we're heading for a lovely sunny week 🌞😀🌼🌼

Not at all sunny in links land ....😳😩😩

Ocean Basin

Magic Circle 🥳🥳🥳

Drop Tank

Hold Sway

Oh dear - are we in for a rough February??
The cluster of lucky players who inhabit the Magic Circle are the only scorers this week and now head up the new Leaderboard .....

1 point - Mozz71, Moorea7, rockfordill, Chiefpanda, wildfish, Patsy33, Magyar, abi77, Johnny.5, Sam1960, toaster, Joolz & cliffyg.

sorry about the order, just as they came off the score sheet.

Congratulations to all the intrepid players- you might be the very lucky ones - or perhaps I'm just being pessimistic 😩

Till next time, take care and stay safe....Cheers, Steff xx 😘😘





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I wonder if I'm the only one here who required the help of Google to find out what a 'drop tank' is?


>>> "we're heading for a lovely sunny week"

As with just about every week lately, we've got some strong winds (~ 70km/h) forecast for one day (Tuesday) of the week ahead.  I'll probably have to spend ages on Wednesday repositioning the antenna wire for my shortwave transceiver!

Thanks anyway, Steff!

Quite obscure matches this week but glad I managed to escape with the rest of the Magic Circle😂
Enjoy your week in the sun.😎x

Question Author

No you were not, and I doubt the last ....I found one definition that was decidedly unsavoury 😳

Hoping we don't get a repeat of strong winds just now, we're holding our breath and tippy-toeing very quietly to hopefully the end of what was predicted to be an awful bush fire season ....further than that I'm saying nowt !!
Hope you've got the chooks tied down well 🤗

Question Author

Thanks Moorea, I'll just have to keep up with the watering ....the Eastern states keep pinching it all 🙂

Very weird links this week Steph !  Apart from  magic  circle.  

Question Author

Very weird, Lottie - hope she doesn't make a habit of it 🤗xx

>>> "I found one definition that was decidedly unsavoury"

OK, I admit it.  I just had to see what came up when I added 'urban dictionary' to my search term 😈

Oh dear Chris, you got me looking it up too. OMG.

Question Author

I don't know !! You two - you can't be trusted at all !! 🥺🥺

Ahhhh!! I give up!!  🤔🤔

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The K M Links Game - February 2024 Week 1 Results

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