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Hammond Quiz Cd 13/1

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vonjon | 22:29 Sat 16th Dec 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
19 Answers

i have had to have another look at this quiz and left with 7 unsure answers

2. a couples cruise ship, just after the beginning of the weekend

45. hungarian flower i get mad about

54. it's the last thing that he will use to shape his output

86. the german author eliot with a mother from norway

88. the lowest level of critic

97. to ask for something or someone possibly at the bar

102. very loudly regret going back after the church gold

answers i have left

arkwright, housemaid, cobbler, huntsman, bottom knocker, solicitor & chauffeur

any help thank you



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88 bottom knocker

86- I'm not sure it's any of those. The clue suggests

DIE TS MA N or something like that

There is a job/role called   Dietsmann 

Was that on the list of answers?

Question Author

cannot see it newmodarmy on the answers


97 could be solicitor- they work at the bar (as do barristers)

102 is chauffeur

102 Chauffeur

Church Ch  gold au  ff very loud  eur -  rue backwards.

Ch church

Au gold

ff- very loudly

eur = rue (regret) backwards

54 cobbler- uses a last

45 Housemaid

H ouse (flower=river) maid is anagram of i +mad

45 h(ungarian) ouse(river)  maid ( in mad)

shame about dietsmann- it's my memory paying tricks : I've just checked and it's a company not a job/role

2 is arkwright

ark (ship)  + w (start of weekend)+right (just)

2.could be Arkwright  ark (two by two) w starts word weekend and just = right

so not die ts ma n

but HUN TS Ma n

Question Author

thanks to you all, i did have some answers already but wanted confirmation and some without explanation i would never of got.

thanks again 😊

Question Author

thanks for your answers newmodarmy 😊

Crikey....more questions from the same quiz. From a quiz that gives you all the answers!!

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Hammond Quiz Cd 13/1

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