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Heage Songs Quiz C/D 31.12.23

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Kaishe48 | 16:15 Sat 16th Dec 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Please can I have a little help with the following two questions: 22. ET by GC   and

32. WDI by AW

thank you. Kaishe48 



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Sorry number 32 is  WDIB? by AW

thank you 

22.  Everybody's talkin'  Glen Campbell

Where do I begin  Andy Williams

I suggested Glen Campbell and Everybody's Talking  when this was asked about a week ago- but I also pointed out that this isn't the version from the film which was by Harry Nilsson.  Glen Campbell did record a cover version about 30-40 years later but I'm pretty sure the setter mistakenly thought the film version was Glen Campbell just because it sounded a bit like him.

from another post: " Answers are song titles from films and the singers."

I suppose the song was from a film (in 1969) and was sung by Glen Campbell nearly 50 years later, and his version did appear in a film if you can count a sort of film documentary about Glen Campbell.

Question Author

Thank you so much Hazlinny, Ubasses and newmodarmy, I've spent so long looking for these two but just got really stuck. I really appreciate your help and May I wish you all a good Xmas. Thank you again.  Kaishe48 

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Heage Songs Quiz C/D 31.12.23

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