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Gchq Christmas Quiz

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Tilly2 | 10:46 Thu 14th Dec 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Now have my Speccie printed out so have put this challenge to one side for the moment. 4 and 6 are eluding me. 🙃

I'll have another go tomorrow.

All done apart from the last one

The answers are supposed to be out today but I've not been able to find them. The questions seem to be depicted clockwise on the front of the card except question 4 !!!

What am I missing? and can someone point me to the answers?


Question Author

There's a QR code at the bottom of the page. I don't know if it works because I haven't completed it yet and don't want to know the answer.

Please can someone give me a hint on the final, overall answer?  My wife and I have got the seven answers, but we can't work out how to solve the last one - we just can't see alink between the image and the items on the front of the the card, and the answers.  Each of them has one of the items in the question number, but the grid then has colour sections of those same items aganst each of the letters, with a number - but there doesn't appear to be any correlation ... are we over-thinking?  A gentle hint would be much appreciated.

Nobody will be getting any answers from me.  I can't see a single one.

gvloved1. Difficult  to give a hint, the best I can do is to say the last letter of the final challenge is the first letter of the answer to question 5.

Question Author

It's an Enigma, isn't it? 😵

Perhaps Tilly, but it has to be Christmas related.

I chose the last letter because I thought it didn't give too much away.

Thank you 1581960 😊

Amazingly, based on the 8/13 grid, I had previously guessed the answer!

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Gchq Christmas Quiz

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