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Karamia | 22:17 Mon 04th Dec 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Thank you for telling us about connections game. I am enjoying it. 

Wondering if you have also tried Puzzgrid?  There are thousands of only connect walls to try - a lot if British ones so not only US examples- but you also get chance to gain extra points for guessing the connections each time. All free - have been playing over past few days and reached page 20 with still lots more to go.



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It's on

Sorry I can't do links from phone. I just type into chrome and it comes up as top one. 

Lots of only connect wall grids.

If someone else finds the link that would be great.

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I have not signed up to anything. I just click on the number of the game and start playing. No need to join anything. Think the sign in may be for people who are creating their own connect walls.

Thanks for that, I will check it out 

Wasn't sure how to start, but you can check the top boxes as Easy, English and Good.  Then look down the left-hand side for the UK flag and click on it. This should start your game of Connect. (the questions seem to submitted by people from all over the world rather than one quizmaster).  

I am in a sign in / verify loop that I cannot get past

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I did not even look at signing in. Just clicked on a number on first page and was playing straight away. Then leave or go back to home page after finishing a game. 

barry, choose the first one that shows a UK flag, click on the part that shows "hashtag numbers, i.e. #123456) if it says sign in, press the back button top left of your screen and try a different UK flag and number.

Thanks Karamia, have done some of the easy ones in Puzzgrid just to get the feel of it. The connection on one set was 'colours' but when I wrote that I got an X as it should have been 'colors'! 

Thanks Karamia.  I think this could be addictive.   Trouble is I selected the easy ones and scored.....nothing!

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Fao Barry1010 And Other Quiz Lovers

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