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5 letter words in a Wordle

When previously asked - 5 letter words in a Wordle  was suggested.

Reminder of the site's guidelines to post the name of the quiz and the closing date when posting quiz questions. If you have any more to find then perhaps use the site's search box before posting. Good luck with the quiz.

Reminder, Fib? OP's first question.

No cap'n get your spyglass out and look at the posts below this one. 🕵️‍♂️

Weird, Fib. I just looked at the OP's profile which says one question. Didn't scroll down to confirm.

I notice you are new to Answerbank. You need to type the title of the quiz and the closing date in the top line and all the questions you need help with in the box. No need to use a different post for each question.  When replying or helping others use the same post.  Hope that helps you.

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5 L W In A W

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