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Two Parts In Aid Of M.a.g.p.a.s.

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quizmouse | 09:50 Thu 10th Aug 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
13 Answers
New quiz available now.
100 brief questions all requiring a common 2 part answer i.e. Hansel & Gretel /Cannon & Ball / Time & Tide etc. If you would like a copy and support MAGPAS, please either send SAE and a donation,(suggest £2 min. cheques payable to MAGPAS please) to Diane Wakeling 3 Lark Rise, Hardwick, Cambs CB23 7XZ or pay via & email [email protected] for an email copy.

Please MARK YOUR DONATION clearly so it can be identified.

This is a 'No asking' quiz by popular request.


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Cut off date 23rd November 2023
Looking forward to this - hope it arrives soon!
Added to monthly round-up
I would point out that this a question and answer website. If you choose to advertise your quiz on this site then you might well find some questions may be posted here.
I seen a fair few MAGPAS quizzes have been advertized on AB so it has to be accepted thst
..too early.

It has to be accepted that folk are allowed to ask on AB and should not be criticized for doing so.
I also thought it ironic that someone would advertise a quiz on a Q/A site and then expect people not to ask for help if needed!
Reminding those who ask of the setters wishes is not criticizing though as some people will not answer if they know. I queried if it was OK to do that a long time ago so I tend to put For info only
I agree with that Elliemay1
I should also like to thank you Smouse for the way that you now advise without criticising askers. I just wish others would follow your lead!

Best wishes to you!
Perhaps the quizsetter is relying on peoples' integrity not to ask (har de har)
I have no issue with someone informing folk about a quiz being "no asking" but it is not right for that same person to mump when answers are sought.
Maybe if the setters can guarantee that it's all their own work, without the aid of the internet, there will be no asking.

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Two Parts In Aid Of M.a.g.p.a.s.

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