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Smile Autumn C/D 17/02

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Peasblossom | 15:56 Thu 02nd Feb 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
11 Answers
71 Much about student compost. (5)
72 Dead and fallen Nissan electric car helps family of puppies. (4,6)
74 Slit in the road for eating. (4)
80. Old playboy clears the lawn. (4)
83. Writer see 149 on the police job carrying stationery. (6,4)
92 Reserves a place after Berkshire Town texts. (7,5)
94. Where's the teenager gone. With an effort you visit Neal to start. (3,2,10)

Any help gratefully appreciated


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71 Mu L ch
80 Rake
92 Reading Books
74 Split- Fork
72 Leaf Litter
Question Author
Thank u klazomaniac and jj109
83 Pen CIL case
Do you have an answer for 149 Peasblossom, It might be relevant ?
Crossed JJ :-)
Should 94 say NEPAL ?

Off on adventures ???
94 anagram - effort you visit N(eal)

Off to University

rather a vague Autumn connection ?.
Question Author
Thank u Fibonacci

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Smile Autumn C/D 17/02

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