The Lade Centre ,Supermarket Shopping Closes 31St August )S

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galasalmon | 13:49 Tue 28th Jun 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Stuck on a few anagrams .
13/ Makes Coins Flash (6 9)
17/ Cute Cake Gobbles Vest ( 9,5,5 )
22/ BAD ROOM REBEL ( 7.5)
26/ NEED CHEAP TINS ( 6,7)
29/ I CUT THEIR BASICS ( 4,3,8 )
Thank you.


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22 Bloomer Bread
26 Tinned Peaches
21 steak casserole
^ casserole steak
29 Rich tea biscuits
13 salmon fishcakes
17 vegetable stock cubes
17 Vegetable Stock Cubes
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Thank you.
20% of the total questions is not quite "a few"

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The Lade Centre ,Supermarket Shopping Closes 31St August )S

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