Living Creatures Lincs And Notts Air Ambulance 30 June

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Leecon | 15:40 Sat 18th Jun 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Afternoon All,
Just needing a bit of guidance to complete this quiz, please.
All living creatures; no letter count given
I'm confused on these as it says that the organisers answers are the only ones accepted, so it has me wondering as to how the organisers mind might work?

4. University cold flier - seen as Cambridge Moth but not sure where cold comes in?
12. Light wind - seen as Cat's Paw or Chinook, but chinook is also a plane
1. A plane - could be Chinook / robin lots of plane with bird names - any ideas?
19. ? Mushroom
27. Make mistakes - seen as snake?

Any help or guidance will be most welcome
I think maybe I should change my name from Leecon to Confused LOL :o)


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19.oyster ?
15:47 Sat 18th Jun 2022
19.oyster ?
12 Chinook is a wind or a salmon
1 Sopwith Camel?
27. the answer I thought of would probably be censored.
mistakes = *** ups
(would be a bit rude for a quiz).
27. add+ers ? (preferred spelling of mistakes would be "errs")
1. jumbo jet ? (chinook is a helicopter rather than a plane)
4. actually cambridge blue moth, sorts out the "cold" :)
Question Author
LOL The Winner - I like Oyster but agree ****up could well be censored!

Thank you also Cashier and Choux, I hope you all agree that this quiz this time is most confusing?

Any ideas for number 4 ?
Question Author
Thank you Choux, great answer. Sorry my query crossed with yours :o)
another dubious answer that could be censored, so I'll long-spell it. B double 'O' B I E S. Which means mistakes but is a type of bird. ???
1 could also be hawk, gnat, kestrel or harrier.
I could (tongue-in-cheek) suggest de Havilland VAMPIRE as a plane. Some might argue it's not a LIVING creature although it would be undead.
Question Author
Ooops, I put my reply on the wrong thread so I have copied it on here!

The Winner - I may have a go at your suggestion as I have looked it up and they are genuine sea birds. I've never heard of them in that context before!

bhg481 Thank you, now I have a dilemma! I have used Harrier for another question as the clue was Jump Jet but now I have to chose one of your others
1 (Fairey) Swordfish
Kestrel was the development version of the harrier.
de havilland mosquito - the wooden wonder.
Fairey Firefly, de Havilland Sea Vixen, de Havilland Dove.
1. Tiger Moth?
I put mosquito for no 1 but it could be anyone of these suggestions. We just need to mind read the setter!
Question Author
I agree Straydog - if only we could mind read the setter - I found this quiz most confusing!!

Thank you so much everyone, all your help has been much appreciated :o)

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Living Creatures Lincs And Notts Air Ambulance 30 June

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